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Q: What are some of signs of a vocal problem?

A: Hoarseness, breathiness, fatigue, tired, no stamina, problems getting the voice out, vocal nodule, cord out of sync.

Q: What is “out of sync” versus “in sync” as it relates to the vocal cord (poor coordination versus perfect synchrony of the vibration of the vocal cords)?

A: Both cords could be out sync or one cord could be out of sync. When the vocal cords are not vibrating in harmony with perfect twin vibrations, the result could be stiffness in one part of the cord or a whole cord could be a little stiff. The traveling wave could be altered. This can be seen by a doctor’s medical strobe, which is a camera in the throat that takes a moving picture of vocal cords.


Q: What causes a voice to go out of sync?
A: Over singing, smoking, and dehydration are the general cause of why both cord go out.


Q: What is worse, can’t sing or can’t talk?
A: When a problem is beginning to develop, the singing voice is the first place it’s noticed, but when the speaking voice goes out, that is your signal that the problem is more severe. I someone says in a hoarse voice “My singing voice is just fine”… wrong.


Q: I’m hoarse, I’m upset. Will I ever get my voice back?
A: It is common to feel upset when there is a vocal problem, but quick results relieve the feeling of stress.


Q: How can I get my voice back in just a few sessions?
A: Strengthen the weak muscles and release the tense muscles. Coordinate and balance the voice.


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